Thank you!

It would not have been possible to create this website about Astrid Lindgren – her life and work – had there not been so much material to draw from.

The fact that so many people have interviewed, photographed, researched, written and published so much, has been of great help to us in this. We have read a lot, watched old TV-interviews, listened to recordings and talked to people who are still with us to tell their stories. Then we tackled the task of compiling it all.

We especially want to thank the following journalists and authors who have been of enormous help to us:
Karin Alvtegen, Christina Björk, Ulf Boëthius, Vivi Edström, Marianne Eriksson, Johan Erséus, Birgitta Fransson, Lena Fries-Gedin, Jan Hansson, Petter Karlsson, Kerstin Kvint, Barbro Lindgren, Ulla Lundqvist, Margareta Strömstedt, Lena Törnqvist and Birgitta Westin.

A great number of skilled photographers have taken nice, humorous and beautiful pictures – pictures that are the making of the whole website. Torbjörn Andersson, Bertil Alvtegen, Beppe Arvidsson, Jens Assur, Mats Bäcker, Rolf Carlsson, Jan Collsiöö, Bengt Dahlstedt, Harry Dittmer, Jonas Ekströmer, Jacob Forsell, Denise Grünstein, Bo-Erik Gyberg, Bertil Hellström, Leif R Jansson, Kennet Jonasson, Per Kagrell, Sören Karlsson, Anna Kern, Ulf Knöppel, Björn Larsson Ask, Weine Lexius, Thomas Löfqvist, Hans Malmberg, Ulla Montan, Erwin Neu, Stig A Nilsson, Stig-Göran Nilsson, Lars Nyberg, Tomas Oneborg, Åke Ottosson, Anna Riwkin-Brick, Janne Rydqvist, Mikael Silkeberg, Sven-Erik Sjöberg, Roland Skogfelt, Lasse Stener, Göran Strandberg, Joakim Strömholm, Lars Erik Svantesson, Bengt Wanselius, Olle Wester as well as Jan Wirén. And a whole lot more, whose names we don’t know. Jacob Forsell has helped us with photographs and contacts. Svensk Filmindustri (SF) has generously contributed with all the stills from the movies, which we greatly appreciate. Lotta Edhoff has been invaluable to us – spending so much time and effort in finding the photographs.
Without all these pictures we would have had to create a totally different type of website.

We also want to thank all the illustrators of Astrid’s books for their work and are so pleased to have the opportunity of displaying their pictures. Hans Arnold, Björn Berg, Eva Billow, Marika Delin, Kristina Digman, Lars Klinting, Eva Laurell, Pija Lindenbaum, Christina Nauckhoff, Birgitta Nordenskjöld, Ingrid Vang Nyman, Svend Otto S, Eric Palmquist, Leif Ruhnström, Ulla Sundin-Wickman, Kerstin Thorvall, Marit Törnqvist, Margit Uppenberg (Gobi), Harald Wiberg and Ilon Wikland.

Thank you also, Ulf Hinders who painted the lovely family tree!

English translation by Geoff and Inger Hawkes at GingerBread Translation Services.

One of the highlights of the site is that you can take a virtual walk through Astrid Lindgren’s apartment on Dalagatan, in Stockholm. The photographer who took all the pictures enabling us to do this was Lieselotte van der Meijs. And the walk, as a whole, was created by Linus Feldt at Bajoum Interactive. This virtual museum has been made possible with support from the EU’s Structural Funds, Objective 2, South and the Regional Council in Kalmar County as part of the process of establishing the information centre at Astrid Lindgren’s Näs.

Finally, we want to thank all those at Grow who have been involved, who understood what we wanted and who translated it all into electronic design and function. We are especially thankful to the driving force behind it, Pär Pärsson for his sensitivity, competence and commitment.

Saltkråkan AB and Astrid Lindgrens Näs AB 2009