Her siblings

Samuel August and Hanna had four children. “So there were four of us – Gunnar, Astrid, Stina and Ingergerd, and we lived a happy Bullerby life at Näs, very much like the children in the Bullerby books”, Astrid tells us.

Big brother Gunnar was born in 1906 and was the one most “equally matched” with Astrid where playing was concerned. There was only one year between them. Stina was born in 1911 and Ingergerd, the youngest sister, was born in 1916. Astrid was then nine years old.

All four children became writers later in life, one way or another. Alongside the farming work at Näs, Gunnar also became a member of parliament and a writer of political satire. Stina worked as a translator and Ingergerd as a journalist. Samuel August used to say about his children: “I’ve got such a peculiar bunch of kids. They’re all occupied with words.”

The four children had a close relationship all their lives. The sisters phoned each other daily and they visited their brother at Näs as often as they could, even in their old age.

Astrid together with her sisters, Ingegerd Lindström and Stina Hergin – private collectionThe sisters, Ingegerd, Stina and Astrid – from Astrid’s collectionAstrid, Gunnar, Ingegerd and Stina – private collectionAll the siblings together with Samuel August and Hanna in the garden at Näs – from Astrid’s collection