In 1895, Astrid’s grandparents took over the lease of the Näs Rectory and moved into the red house.
This was where Astrid grew up. In time, Samuel August took over the lease from his father and worked the farm for almost half a century
until Gunnar, in turn, took over the responsibility. In 1965, when the property ceased to be a farm, the animals and equipment
were sold off at auction. Astrid and Gunnar bought the buildings and some of the adjoining land.

The Childhood Home


Astrid putting her hand up during a German lesson at her school in Vimmerby.


Half-Term Report from Vimmerby Public School.


Astrid and Gunnar together with their friends Edit and Anne-Marie.


The first photograph of Astrid and her brother Gunnar.


Astrid’s childhood on the Näs property at the beginning of the last century was a happy time.
Her parents did not care too much about missed mealtimes or dirtied clothes.
The games, the friends and the natural surroundings were important parts of Astrid’s growing up years and so were books.
This is a quote from Astrid about her childhood: “And we played and played and played.
It’s a wonder we didn’t play ourselves to death!”
Here are the siblings Stina, Gunnar and Astrid.

Growing up


Hanna Jonsson wrote poetry at a young age and dreamed of becoming a teacher,
but had only 6 years schooling. Instead of becoming a teacher she ended up shouldering the responsibility
of being the farmer’s wife at one of the largest homesteads in Kalmar Shire and the loving mother of four children.


Samuel August talked his parents into applying for the lease of the Näs Rectory in Vimmerby.
Over the years, Samuel August became a respected farmer and Council representative – just like Emil in Lönneberga.


Three generations of farmers from Näs – Astrid’s father Samuel August,
her grandfather Samuel and on his lap, her brother Gunnar.
Grandpa Samuel was the model for “the kindest Grandpa in the world” in the Bullerby books.
Lisa’s big brother Lars, in the same series of books, has been modelled on Astrid’s brother Gunnar.


Samuel August and Hanna are loving parents
who give their children two important foundation stones for a happy childhood – security and freedom.


An important source of inspiration for Astrid was the family life of her childhood,
and most particularly her parents, Samuel August Ericsson (1875-1969) and Hanna Jonsson (1879-1961).
They got married in 1905 and Astrid was born two years later.
Her book Samuel August från Sevedstorp och Hanna i Hult is the story of her parents,
which was voted “Love Story of the Millennium” by the Swedish people in 1999.

The Parents






Alla mina barn

Alla mina barn




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