The world is full of tricky quotes derived from the texts that Astrid Lindgren has written, or statements that she has done. Sometimes they are correct, but sometimes out the little garbled. Here is the page to all of you who want to know how it was really expressed by Astrid Lindgren. Use the search function top right. try the little cloud of quotes and keywords, or just scroll your way in a world of memorable quotes.

"Mankind is preoccupied with two great things: death and love; these catch the interest of all ages. You shouldn’t scare children to the point of anxiety, but just like adults they need to be moved by art."

Dagens Nyheter, 8th September 1959

"Death, death."

Every day, Astrid talked to her sisters Ingegerd and Stina on the phone. As they grew older, the conversations always began with the words, “Death, death”, so that the subject was out of the way and dealt with. Then they talked about other matters.

"And we played and played and played. It’s a wonder we didn’t play ourselves to death!"

Astrid Lindgren, from ”Samuel August från Sevedstorp och Hanna i Hult”