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The archived literary works of Astrid Lindgren is the most extensive left by any single Swedish person. Occupying 140 linear metres of shelving, it is today housed in the National Library in Stockholm. In 2005, the archive was admitted into the UNESCO World Heritage List, which gives it a status of something worth keeping for humanity at large.

The archive includes book manuscripts, film- and theatre-scripts, articles, shorthand notes, a very large collection of letters from readers of all ages spread around the world, as well as press clippings, photos and many other things. There is, however, only a limited number of letters written by Astrid Lindgren herself, since she seldom kept any copies of her many letters.

The archive is nowadays open for research.

The Astrid Lindgren Library

Astrid Lindgren was well read herself, which is reflected in her works. Her home in Dalagatan is filled with bookshelves, and even at the summer house in Furusund there were plenty of books. Altogether, the collection of books amounts to more than 4,200 titles.

All these books – those at Dalagatan as well as those transferred from Furusund to the National Library in Stockholm – have been catalogued in the national database:

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Over the years, Astrid received copious quantities of letters and cards.  © Olle Wester, Scanpix