Marit Törnqvist

Marit Törnqvist was born in 1964 in Uppsala. Since the age of five she has been living in the Netherlands, but spends at least three months in Sweden every year.

Marit studied to become an illustrator at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Her first commission for Rabén & Sjögren was to do two picture-books. One of them was Astrid Lindgren’s A Calf for Christmas.

Marit Törnqvist has also designed the set for Astrid Lindgren’s “Story Train” and the Villa Villekulla room at Junibacken children’s museum in Stockholm. For the set design, Marit was nominated for Stockholm’s Citizen of the Year in 1996, and for the Lidman Prize in 1997. She was also awarded the Emil Prize in memory of Astrid Lindgren in 2004.

She has illustrated the following books by Astrid Lindgren: A Calf for Christmas (1989), The Day Adam Got Mad (1991), In the Land of Twilight (1994), Sunnanäng (2003) and Sagoresan (2006).