• Kati in Amerika

    Kati in Amerika


    The year is 1950, just after the War and what an adventure it is to go and explore the world – to America, the great land in the west. Curious and excited, Kati is taking in all that’s new with a clear and fresh gaze. Imagine being able to go and pick out your own items in a supermarket, and in the middle of the night if you want to! Imagine sitting in a drugstore, drinking coffee and chatting away with the friendly people at your table! And all the cars – are all the Americans losing their legs? Kati wonders.

  • Kati in Italy

    Kati in Italy


    Kati lives in a comfortable little den on Kaptensgatan. She shares her life and what it brings with Eva – happy, blonde, intelligent Eva. Not just her exciting position as a shorthand/typist in a legal office, not just the daily life in the batchelor flat, but now a trip to Italy. “We’ve got to start learning Italian”, says Eva, “key phrases, like: ‘what dangerous, passionate eyes you have, Signor’ – stuff like that!”

  • Kati in Paris

    Kati in Paris


    In this third self-contained Kati-book, the journey takes us to Paris, where Kati is to be married to Lennart whom she met in Italy. Today these three Kati-books appear to have their own special genre, of which this is the last: books for girls with a combination of reporting, portrayal of a woman’s business-life and in this last “edition”, a love-and-marriage novel.