• Britt-Mari lättar sitt hjärta

    Britt-Mari lättar sitt hjärta


    Britt-Mari lättar sitt hjärta was Astrid Lindgren’s debut book, and it won her 2nd prize in Rabén & Sjögren’s competition for the best girls’ book in 1944. In the book, Britt-Mari gets a pen-friend so as to have some sensible use for her very own typewriter. And she tells her pen-friend, Kajsa all about her great, big, messy, happy family, the agonies of love and the eventful life she lives in Ekeliden Cottage in Småstad.

    (Not available in English)

  • Pippi Longstocking

    Pippi Longstocking

    1945 Ingrid Vang Nyman

    Pippi Longstocking is the strongest and kindest and jolliest and richest girl in the whole world. She lives all alone in Villekulla Cottage with her horse and her pet monkey, Mr Nelson. She also has an entire suitcase filled with gold coins. In the house next-door, live Tommy and Annika and since Pippi moved in, life has become a lot more fun!

  • Kerstin och jag

    Kerstin och jag


    “Kerstin and Barbro are a couple of teenage twins, who by a whim of fate (or more correctly, a whim of their father) have managed to end up in a small manor in the country. How the dilapidated property gets to be restored despite a lack of funds, what the twins’ part in its restoration is and how each of them gets a gentleman admirer, is what this happy and fun-filled book is all about”.

    (Not available in English)

  • The Children of Noisy Village

    The Children of Noisy Village

    1946 Ingrid Vang Nyman

    In the tiny hamlet of Noisy Village, there are three properties, North Farm, Middle Farm and South Farm, and six children live there: Lisa and Lars and Pip and Britta and Anna and Ollie. They play and play, and have fun nearly all the time. It’s wonderful sleeping in the hay, getting dressed up and going to school – and having fun on the way there and back!

  • Pippi goes on board

    Pippi goes on board

    1946 Ingrid Vang Nyman

    In this book we get to accompany Pippi when she buys 18 kg of sweets, when she goes to the fair and tames boa constrictors and villains, when she takes Tommy and Annika to a desert island and is shipwrecked for two days. But then along comes Captain Longstocking in his sailing-ship, Hoptoad wanting Pippi to go with him to the the South Sea island where he was washed ashore after having been blown overboard during a violent storm.

  • A Kalle Blomkvist Mystery: Master Detective

    A Kalle Blomkvist Mystery: Master Detective

    1946 Eva Laurell

    This is a story about the Wars of the Roses and competing for Stormumriken, an odd-shaped stone.

    For a couple of intensive weeks in the summer, war breaks out between the White Roses and the Red Roses. On the White side are the knights, Anders, Eva-Lotta and Kalle – better known as Master Detective Blomkvist – against the Red knights, Sixten, Benka and Johnny. Their struggle leads them into the dark shadow of a crime, and Master Detective Blomkvist has to come to the rescue again.

  • Pippi in the South Seas

    Pippi in the South Seas

    1948 Ingrid Vang Nyman

    In this third book about Pippi, the children are searching for a “squeazle” and organise a quiz – Pippi-style! Tommy and Annika get to go with Pippi to Kurrekurredutt Island in the South Seas and Pippi conquers the villains who want to steal the pearls that the Kurredutt children play marbles with. Finally, they eat Krumelur pills – then they’ll never have to grow up …

  • Happy Times in Noisy Village

    Happy Times in Noisy Village

    1949 Ingrid Vang Nyman

    The children in Noisy Village have fun nearly all the time. They skate on the lake at North Farm – and Lars falls through a hole in the ice, but luckily manages to get out again. Lisa and Anna are going to buy yeast, and ginger, vinegar and sewing thread and sausage of the finest quality. That could take a whole day if you keep forgetting things!

  • Nils Karlsson-Pyssling

    Nils Karlsson-Pyssling

    1949 Eva Billow

    The Nils Karlson Pyssling Collection is filled with stories that have become unforgettable classics, such as: Nils Karlson Pyssling, Herr Liljonkvast who takes the little sick Göran to Skymningslandet, Peter and Petra who belong to the mysterious Small People, the cheerful Cuckoo-Clock bird, Lustig-Gök, the mischievous doll Mirabelle who grew up in a garden, the dearest sister and the cruel robber Fiolito in the story, There aren’t any Robbers in the Forest.

    (Not available in English)

  • Kajsa Kavat

    Kajsa Kavat

    1950 Ingrid Vang Nyman

    In this collection of stories, we get to meet Kajsa Kavat who helped her granny with the Christmas preparations and stood in the town square selling sweets. Märit is here in this book too, in what could be the saddest story of them all, together with Albin and Stig who compete to see who can jump the highest and Lame-Kal who needed a bit of encouragement.

    (Not available in English)

  • Kati in Amerika

    Kati in Amerika


    The year is 1950, just after the War and what an adventure it is to go and explore the world – to America, the great land in the west. Curious and excited, Kati is taking in all that’s new with a clear and fresh gaze. Imagine being able to go and pick out your own items in a supermarket, and in the middle of the night if you want to! Imagine sitting in a drugstore, drinking coffee and chatting away with the friendly people at your table! And all the cars – are all the Americans losing their legs? Kati wonders.

  • Kalle Blomkvist: Living Dangerously

    Kalle Blomkvist: Living Dangerously

    1951 Eva Laurell

    13 year-old Eva-Lotta Lisander is running as fast as her legs will carry her. This time it’s not the struggle between the White Roses and the Red Roses that’s got her running. There’s a dead man in the bushes at the farm – it’s Green, the pawnbroker who’s lying there… the sleepy little town is shaken by a dreadful crime and Master Detective Kalle Blomkvist and his friends are being thrown into life-threatening adventures.

  • Nothing but Fun in Noisy Village

    Nothing but Fun in Noisy Village

    1952 Ingrid Vang Nyman

    Lisa and Lars and Pip and Britta and Anna and Ollie climb mountains, hunt wild oxen, feed baby lambs, catch crayfish, sleep the night in the forest and dance around the maypole when midsummer comes to Noisy Village. “I pity all the people who don’t live in Noisy Village”, says Anna.

  • Kati in Italy

    Kati in Italy


    Kati lives in a comfortable little den on Kaptensgatan. She shares her life and what it brings with Eva – happy, blonde, intelligent Eva. Not just her exciting position as a shorthand/typist in a legal office, not just the daily life in the batchelor flat, but now a trip to Italy. “We’ve got to start learning Italian”, says Eva, “key phrases, like: ‘what dangerous, passionate eyes you have, Signor’ – stuff like that!”

  • Kati in Paris

    Kati in Paris


    In this third self-contained Kati-book, the journey takes us to Paris, where Kati is to be married to Lennart whom she met in Italy. Today these three Kati-books appear to have their own special genre, of which this is the last: books for girls with a combination of reporting, portrayal of a woman’s business-life and in this last “edition”, a love-and-marriage novel.

  • Kalle Blomkvist and the White Rose Rescue

    Kalle Blomkvist and the White Rose Rescue

    1953 Kerstin Thorvall

    “You trip over villains and bandits wherever you go”, says Anders to his friend Kalle Blomkvist. And he’s quite right. Admittedly, the master detective has now got rid of his habit of suspecting everybody around him, but something happens during a night-time visit to a ruined castle that gets his attention. He and Anders and Eva-Lotta witness little Rasmus being dragged off by kidnappers and now he doesn’t hesitate to take on the challenge.

  • Mio, my Son

    Mio, my Son

    1954 Ilon Wikland

    Was there anyone listening to the radio on the 15th October, last year? Was there anyone who heard them asking after a missing boy? This is what they said: “Police in Stockholm are looking for 9 year-old Bo Vilhelm Olsson, who disappeared two evenings ago from his home at No.13 Upplandsgatan. Bo Vilhelm Olsson has light-coloured hair and blue eyes and at the time of his disappearance was believed to be wearing brown shorts, a grey knitted jumper and a small red knitted cap. Any information concerning the missing person’s whereabouts should be reported to the police without delay.”
    Yes, that’s what they said. But no information came in concerning Bo Vilhelm Olsson…

  • Smidge and Karlson on the Roof

    Smidge and Karlson on the Roof

    1955 Ilon Wikland

    Up on the roof of an altogether normal house on an altogether normal street in Stockholm, lives a Mister, whose name is Karlson. He is a a handsome, exceedingly wise, all-round hero in the prime of his life, who lives in a tiny little cottage hidden behind the big chimney. One beautiful day, through the window of Smidge’s room, in flies Karlson …

  • Rasmus and the Tramp / Rasmus and the Vagabond

    Rasmus and the Tramp / Rasmus and the Vagabond

    1956 Eric Palmquist

    When you are a little orphanage boy who nobody wants – then you might as well be dead, is what Rasmus thinks. But then he gets an idea. He could run away from the orphanage, go out into the world and find someone who wants him. But it didn’t quite turn out the way he’d imagined. Anyway, he meets Oscar, the tramp and Rasmus becomes a vagabond too.

  • Rasmus, Pontus and Toker

    Rasmus, Pontus and Toker

    1957 Eric Palmquist

    All the adventure that little Västanvik has can be found in the town’s ancient marketplace, Lusknäckarmalmen. It’s here that Rasmus and Pontus come one Wednesday evening to watch the world-famous sword-swallower Alfredo in action. By accident, they get to hear of plans to stage a silver robbery in the little town where they live. And when Toker, who was made to stay home got tired of that and comes scampering on his short little legs right into the middle of the action – that’s when the adventure really begins.