• Seacrow Island

    Seacrow Island

    1964 Ilon Wikland

    Go down to the quay at Strandgatan in Stockholm on a summer’s morning and see if you can find a little white ferryboat with the name Seacrow I painted on it. If you find it, just get onboard! At ten o’clock sharp the departure gong will sound because now she is off on her usual route, all the way to the furthest islands in the archipelago. That’s where Seacrow Island is located and that’s where they arrived one day in June – a father and his four children, the Melkerson family …

  • Scrap and the Pirates

    Scrap and the Pirates


    During the TV- and film-recordings about the children on Seacrow Island, a great number of still pictures were taken which have been assembled in the book Scrap and the Pirates. On one occasion, farbror Melker decides to organise a whole day of games for all the children. They go on an excursion to Dead Man’s Creek where two teams, The Sharks and The Hawks become two pirate gangs. But when the pirate gangs are going to be at war with one another, they have to have something to fight for: the famous Mysak Diamond.

  • Alla mina barn

    Alla mina barn


    A thick lovely gift book, full of giggle, wild pranks and wonderful adventure. A book where most of Astrid Lindgren’s most beloved characters emerge with a chapter each; Pippi Longstocking, Emil, Mardie, The Brothers Lionheart, Karlsson on the Roof, Simon Small, Mio, Seacrow Island, Kalle Blomkvist, The Noisy Village Children, Brenda Brave, Ronja the Robber´s Daughter, Rasmus and Lotta on Troublemaker Street.

    (Not available in English)