• Smidge and Karlson on the Roof

    Smidge and Karlson on the Roof

    1955 Ilon Wikland

    Up on the roof of an altogether normal house on an altogether normal street in Stockholm, lives a Mister, whose name is Karlson. He is a a handsome, exceedingly wise, all-round hero in the prime of his life, who lives in a tiny little cottage hidden behind the big chimney. One beautiful day, through the window of Smidge’s room, in flies Karlson …

  • Karlson flies again

    Karlson flies again

    1962 Ilon Wikland

    Mummy and daddy thought that Karlson was one of those imaginary playmates that children think up when they are lonely. So they bought Smidge a dog. Of course, Smidge loved his Bumble, but Karlson is a much better playmate. “It has to be fun, otherwise I won’t come!” says Karlson as he comes flying in through Smidge’s window – bright and cheery and always ready with more cunning tricks.

  • The World’s Best Karlson

    The World’s Best Karlson

    1968 Ilon Wikland

    One day Smidge reads a dreadful headline in the paper: “Flying barrel – or what?” The paper is offering a reward of 10,000 kronor to whoever catches that mysterious rotund thing! Who or what that refers to is, of course, none other than Karlson-on-the-Roof, a handsome, exceedingly wise, all-round hero in the prime of his life. But Smidge, who now has to watch out for Karlson, is having a very busy time. And it certainly doesn’t get any easier when Creepy-Crawly and Uncle Julius get mixed up in the wild merry-go-round.

  • Karlson on the Roof

    Karlson on the Roof

    1972 Ilon Wikland

    This volume contains: Karlson on the Roof, Karlson Flies Again, The World’s Best Karlson

  • Alla mina barn

    Alla mina barn


    A thick lovely gift book, full of giggle, wild pranks and wonderful adventure. A book where most of Astrid Lindgren’s most beloved characters emerge with a chapter each; Pippi Longstocking, Emil, Mardie, The Brothers Lionheart, Karlsson on the Roof, Simon Small, Mio, Seacrow Island, Kalle Blomkvist, The Noisy Village Children, Brenda Brave, Ronja the Robber´s Daughter, Rasmus and Lotta on Troublemaker Street.

    (Not available in English)