• A Kalle Blomkvist Mystery: Master Detective

    A Kalle Blomkvist Mystery: Master Detective

    1946 Eva Laurell

    This is a story about the Wars of the Roses and competing for Stormumriken, an odd-shaped stone.

    For a couple of intensive weeks in the summer, war breaks out between the White Roses and the Red Roses. On the White side are the knights, Anders, Eva-Lotta and Kalle – better known as Master Detective Blomkvist – against the Red knights, Sixten, Benka and Johnny. Their struggle leads them into the dark shadow of a crime, and Master Detective Blomkvist has to come to the rescue again.

  • Kalle Blomkvist: Living Dangerously

    Kalle Blomkvist: Living Dangerously

    1951 Eva Laurell

    13 year-old Eva-Lotta Lisander is running as fast as her legs will carry her. This time it’s not the struggle between the White Roses and the Red Roses that’s got her running. There’s a dead man in the bushes at the farm – it’s Green, the pawnbroker who’s lying there… the sleepy little town is shaken by a dreadful crime and Master Detective Kalle Blomkvist and his friends are being thrown into life-threatening adventures.

  • Kalle Blomkvist and the White Rose Rescue

    Kalle Blomkvist and the White Rose Rescue

    1953 Kerstin Thorvall

    “You trip over villains and bandits wherever you go”, says Anders to his friend Kalle Blomkvist. And he’s quite right. Admittedly, the master detective has now got rid of his habit of suspecting everybody around him, but something happens during a night-time visit to a ruined castle that gets his attention. He and Anders and Eva-Lotta witness little Rasmus being dragged off by kidnappers and now he doesn’t hesitate to take on the challenge.

  • Alla mina barn

    Alla mina barn


    A thick lovely gift book, full of giggle, wild pranks and wonderful adventure. A book where most of Astrid Lindgren’s most beloved characters emerge with a chapter each; Pippi Longstocking, Emil, Mardie, The Brothers Lionheart, Karlsson on the Roof, Simon Small, Mio, Seacrow Island, Kalle Blomkvist, The Noisy Village Children, Brenda Brave, Ronja the Robber´s Daughter, Rasmus and Lotta on Troublemaker Street.

    (Not available in English)