• The Runaway Sleigh Ride

    The Runaway Sleigh Ride

    1983 Ilon Wikland

    Finally the snow is falling over Junibacken! Mardie and Lisbet are playing wild games in the snow. Yes, even Daddy has to join in and throw snowballs because it’s all so wonderful. But the next day, Mardie gets sick, so Lisbet has to go without her to buy Christmas presents with Alma. And suddenly Lisbet is standing there on the runners behind a sleigh, heading straight into the forest…

  • När Lisabet pillade in en ärta i näsan

    När Lisabet pillade in en ärta i näsan

    1991 Ilon Wikland

    Lisbet follows her big sister everywhere, because Mardie has so many good ideas. But Lisbet gets quite a lot of bright ideas herself, actually. For example, she is very good at sticking things into places they shouldn’t be – like that time when she stuck a pea into one of her nostrils, just to see if it would fit …

    (Not available in English)

  • Jullov är ett bra påhitt, sa Madicken

    Jullov är ett bra påhitt, sa Madicken

    1993 Ilon Wikland

    Mardie thinks the Christmas holidays are almost as wonderful as Christmas itself. Her little sister Lisbet agrees. They help with the Christmas preparations, bake ginger snaps, and make toffees and decorations. In the evenings they write long wish-lists for Santa. One morning when they wake up they discover that the river is frozen. Finally, they can go sliding on it!

    (Not available in English)