• Lotta´s bike

    Lotta´s bike

    1971 Ilon Wikland

    (also published as Of Course Polly can ride a Bike)
    Lotta on Troublemaker Street turns five. She only has a wretched old tricycle, and she doesn’t even get a two-wheeler for her birthday either! She gets so cross that she takes Mrs Berg’s old bike, but it’s far too big for Lotta …

  • Lotta's Christmas Surprise

    Lotta's Christmas Surprise

    1977 Ilon Wikland

    Lotta on Troublemaker Street is a remarkable child who can do almost anything. Sometimes things go wrong though, like the time Teddy accidentally ends up in the garbage bin. But when Joe and Mary-Lou can’t stop crying because there’s not one single Christmas tree left to buy in the whole town, then it’s Lotta who saves the day – and their Christmas!

  • Lotta's Easter Surprise

    Lotta's Easter Surprise

    1990 Ilon Wikland

    Easter on Troublemaker Street. That’s when the Easter Bunny usually comes and hides Easter eggs filled with sweets under the bushes. But this time the confectioner’s shop was shut and there was nowhere to buy sweets in the whole town! How are Lotta, Joe and Mary-Lou going to get their Easter-goodies now? Everyone is disappointed that Easter won’t be the same. Except Lotta, ‘cause she knows about the surprise that’s hidden in the shed.