• That  Emil

    That Emil

    1972 Björn Berg

    The people in Lönneberga felt sorry for the Svenssons in Katthult who had such a rascal for a son, one who got up to so much mischief. Like that time when Emil got his head got stuck in the soup tureen and that unfortunate Sunday when he hoisted little Ida up the flagpole.

  • Emil and the Bad Tooth

    Emil and the Bad Tooth

    1976 Björn Berg

    Lina, the maid at Katthult, had a terrible toothache.
    “You’d better go to Sme-Pelle”, said Alfred. Sme-Pelle is the name they gave the local blacksmith. He used to extract aching teeth with his gruesome pair of tongs. “How much does he charge for one tooth?” asked Lina. “Fifty öre per hour”, said Alfred.

  • Emil's Little Sister

    Emil's Little Sister

    1984 Björn Berg

    Emil spent most of his time in the wood shed, and he actually didn’t really mind. But Emil’s little sister never got to sit in there. “And Ida also liked being in the woodshed. She thought it would be fun to be shut up in the woodshed sometime. But, of course, then she would have to be bad, and poor little Ida could never manage that! ‘I’ll try to think up something’, she said to Emil.”

  • Emil's Sticky Problem

    Emil's Sticky Problem

    1985 Björn Berg

    Emil i Lönneberga is a world-famous rascal. He doesn’t really want to be mischievous – on the contrary. But Emil’s mum gets exasperated when Emil tries to deal with all the flies that are buzzing around the kitchen. He tries to keep them at bay in his own little way – and oops …. It turns into prank no. 325!

  • Inget knussel, sa Emil i Lönneberga

    Inget knussel, sa Emil i Lönneberga

    1986 Björn Berg

    One snowy day in Katthult there was a party. It turned into a fun and rather unusual party, mostly thanks to the teacher. She was a jolly young woman with lots of good ideas and now she suggested they’d have a snowball fight before dinner. And they sure had a snowball fight! Later on there was even more merriment when Emil kissed the vicar’s wife no less than eight times, ‘cause he certainly wasn’t stingy, that Emil boy!

    (Not available in English)

  • Emil med paltsmeten

    Emil med paltsmeten

    1995 Björn Berg

    It always turns into mischief when all Emil wants is to be helpful. Can he help it if his dad puts his toes exactly where Emil has just set a mousetrap? Or that the dumpling mixture is splashing around where Dad happens to be at just that moment? Now it’s Saturday evening and he’s sitting here in the wood shed carving his hundredth wooden figure. This was not how he had imagined his hundredth carving jubilee …

    (Not available in English)

  • Emil in the Soup Tureen

    Emil in the Soup Tureen

    1997 Björn Berg

    “Mischief isn’t something you think up – it just happens”, as Emil so wisely said once to his little sister Ida. That’s exactly how it was when he got his head stuck in the soup tureen! He was only going to lap up the last few drops of the delicious beef soup. And before he knew it they were on their way to the doctor in Mariannelund.